Friday, July 17, 2009

Apologies for non posting

Hello folks, many apologies for the non posting this week. Have been caught up in circumstances beyond my control. The next posting should be on schedule on tuesday next week. I will also be available for chat on my fanbook website on the same day. Details and time to be furnished tomorrow. In the meantime here's a short poem I wrote a while ago for your perusal.


My Sweet
My Sour
My Bitter
Lay me by your bosom that
I may abide in you and you I
For the rest of my days.
Night and day you entice and
Flush out my most conservative desires.
When I was ill you coaxed me
I rejected you.
When I was vexed you coaxed me
I rejected you .
Save only God, you are the most intimate
With my insides.
When we kiss, you tickle the feminine fancy
Of my tongue as you entwine yourselves
In serpentine romance.
When we kiss you excite the masculine aggression
Of my teeth, and jaws as you grind and chomp yourselves
In wild abandon.
My oesophagus like the temple of a woman
Enfolds and guides you down to my stomach
In warming slickness.
And aaahhh…
Oh that another dish of Eba and Edikangikong
Were by my side that we could commence our romance
All over again.
My darling!


  1. KAIIIIII, you dis Abiriba man...such a Nigerian man, EBA had to enter somewhere, somehow...poetry or not, abi?!LOL! Which of my Calabar sister don spoil you with Edikangikong, ana nyene ata nneme ye enye o...ono fi mfi ofup ama, amadama ono enye ekure, chei! LOL...ask Nse to translate.

    All jokes aside...very, very sweet and now I want to know to whom this was directed, o and yes, I am nosy!

  2. Dat wz kul and i must say ROMANTIC. Juz wish i had a guy dat wuld b @lst an inch clz 2 dat rmantic. Waitn 4 it up. Takia

  3. Hmmmm,all these for edikainkong? The mysteries of this world,i was already itching to find out the chikito,this lovely poem was written to,hmmm,Calabar jazz,pls dont fall just yet. At least wait till.........

  4. I bow for u oh K! all that for…??? Na wao! If only Ebas and Edikangikongs can talk, they’ll demand to grace ur table at every meal just to experience that romantic Tango!

  5. Calabar get more jazz then anywhere else, abi? Please let's leave ignorants comments are the door when we visit this lovely forum to read these movitating and thought provoking blogs.

  6. formerly stealth readerJuly 28, 2009 at 11:55 PM

    wow d part about the oesophagus..........hmm simply beautiful. i dont know wat d heck its all about but it struck sometin within me which made me go ooooooooh. dis is a beautiful poem which seems more compound not only about passion but so much more.....i could be wrong but..............anyways d eba part was a plus lol