Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Plea

Good week everybody! I don’t know why I feel very optimistic about life as I sit here in spite of the challenges that surround me today. I hear and listen with pleasure to the muezzin with the typically eastern lilt to his voice calling the faithful to prayer. This is actually my favourte part of the early morning when I’m in any part or predominantly Moslem city especially when I’m securely ensconced in sleep, a bit like the early morning downpour when you’re snug in bed. The only snag here is that the taxi will be coming to pick up any time from now to take me to Asaba for work. I’m bleary eyed from having no sleep at all and Frieda worried sick that I’ll be hurled into a ravine on the way, all thanks to our roads that have more craters than the moon itself. Bless ‘er! It’s my fault actually; packing at the last minute and trying to rush through my script brought me to this despicable point.

Long and short of it all is that this little whining missive is all I can cough up today my good people and next week’s post might be a little late but I will let you know what happened in Asaba especially the grilled fish on a platter with roast plantain and tomatoes, lime and onions I’ll be feasting on at least twice whilst I’m there. Okay, I need to rush off and shave – can’t believe I almost forgot to do that. Oh yes, and my traveling iron too – the prices they charge in hotels just iron a shirt!. Don’t mind me, I’m writing all this stuff down so I don’t forget to pack them as well. Okay guys gotta run. Hate traveling by road so wish me a safe trip guys. Have a wonderful week ahead everybody and love you guys! Bye!


  1. Safe trip, Asaba is a great city. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time there.

  2. lol at ur traveling iron!!!!
    And good way of trying not to forget what to pack.
    Have a blessed week too!

  3. Enjoy your trip and have fun..........

  4. Safe Trip oh! (Sounds so cliche )

    Remember to have fun.

  5. Kalu, Freida is becoming quite a regular in your posts!! A refreshing one at that.. Mhh can we assume it's serious??

  6. Warmest wishes and my prayers go with you.

    K, if you find yourself counting sheep (dreaming) open your eyes quick and tell the driver to watch the road, lol. Frieda is right, the roads are so bad.

    Be safe and keep us updated.

  7. I miss the sound of the muezzin...it lulls you OUT of sleep...

  8. hmmm...that grilled fish on a platter with roast plantain and tomatoes sure has my mouth watering, can u email me some? lol...I know what u mean about the costs of laundry/drycleaning @ hotels: a rip off!

    Do have a very safe trip...God goes with u man!

  9. Am Sure you will have a wonderful trip 'cos God is always with you.

    I Look forward to your juicy gist from your trip!

    Have fun!

  10. formerly stealth readerDecember 4, 2009 at 10:14 PM

    hmmm (sad sigh) optimism is d only way to survive d trials of life or u wud crumble like a...............umm like a...............
    have a safe trip, i enjoy ur blogs immensely, you should write a book,i am sure you know u have "the gift"just write a book ok? about anything and i assure you,that you make the most mundane things very readable and dats talent to me............

  11. You said next week post might be a little late? Abeg no let am be too late ooo!!

    Safe journey and be good.

  12. Lovely blog, you write very well, knew i had seen the face before on TV cant remember the film though! Im really bad with film names plus TV is not one of my strong points but ill be by to read more posts! Merry Xmas!