Wednesday, March 3, 2010


A good week to everyone. This is a short note to say that there will be no post this week. It is true that I have had a busy week but it is not so busy that I have not been able to make the time out to write. The truth is that I have made out the time to write and it is precisely the fact that I know what I want to write about that is the problem. I want to accord the subject matter the respect, beauty and reverence it deserves and I am afraid of getting it wrong by being too hasty and not giving it the time, dedication and deliberation it deserves. Soup wey sweet, na money kill am! I want to give it a shot this week and hope that a worthy soup be prepared for you next week. Perhaps we can laugh over it too!

I ask that you bear with me, my gentle folks. Wishing you a pleasant week ahead and praying for a much much better Nigeria in these deciding times we’re going through. Ka emesia nu!


  1. FEST!

    Ur soups are always sweet. see u soon!

  2. Can`t wait to know what`s all about, lol.

  3. Hi K,

    I will be back to read it. Cheers!

  4. \:D/
    I've been holding my breath, eagerly, anxiously waiting, and this is all i get? I demand a refund immediately!
    ....Oh wait...we don't subscribe to this blog? My bad :D
    Remember the words of the elders oh, Half bread is better than puff puff...i shall say no more.
    Post for me sharp sharp before i run a demonstration on your space.

  5. Hmmmmmmmmmmh, whatever happen to your promise!
    Anyway, hope all is well.