Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Arcade

I sit staring at the white screen
In search of words to write.
I search for what to right
In this desolate screen
I call my life.

Heavy footsteps thud across my heart,
Ever upon me
But never seeming to recede.
I look at the bright sun rays flooding the room
And see only darkness.
Hope is such a fearful thing to touch
When I cannot even see my hands.

The heart is such a lonely place to be
Because it’s all mine
And mine only.
All may come in
But only I may come out.

I drink thirstily of Your word
In the desperate hope that
Your seedlings may shoot forth.
Alas, the desolate sands of my heart
Remain just that.
I stare at the opaque walls around me,
Plastered with the smudges of my palms
And take comfort in the knowledge that
I hold You prisoner
In this arcade You created.
I’ll grab hold of the only part of You
That I can grapple;
Your feet,
To be dragged along
The length and breadth
Of this entombed space
Until YOU give up.
Other pastures I know not.
Nor others do I wish to know
Save this Breast I suckled
From childhood,
At which Breast I will flourish.
You wish to drag me outside
For all the world see?
Let them scoff at the embarrassment
Latched to Your feet.
Let them laugh
At Your ward’s trust
As a request for bread
Is turned to stone.
A prayer for fish,
Turned to snakes.
In this grim game,
I am the madman.
And You,
The Relative.

Have a great week everybody. I feel better now.


  1. I did not know you were a poet...hmmmn

  2. Ummm,I have to say that poem is dealing with alot of issues that am not even gonna touch but it evokes the right reaction, It is quite good. If I was still a literature student this is something I would love to sink my teeth into and really dissect to read between the lines or even to just read with the right tone of voice and feelings that go with it. I think if Maya Angelou was to read this in that her voice I would really enjoy it. Have you had a listen to any of her audio peoms which she reads? They are great. I recommend it!!! they way she laughs and smile (you can hear it in her voice)

    You write with the same tone as some of the old Nigerian authors and not just with this poem. I will look forward to the next one and could you please make it a little light hearted when you do. Not that I don't like this but in life there is already so much to be gloomy about. Although I read it like 3 times to understand the end. Good job.


  3. Onome mentioned Maya Angelou, one of my favorite poets, You probably have read her poems, My anthem poem is I still rise. Tell us what you think of her.