Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"Yes to Quality"

Good week everyone!
Well, I’m thinking that since we see on a weekly basis, this would be the most appropriate form of saying hello – just a thought. Anyway, this is a new week and I’m fishing in the dark trying to sift through my archive for the most appropriate bits to throw out to the light.
Last year was a mixed bag of memories, predominantly those of the not so nostalgic kind (I plan on sharing them with you in the future). I began the year with a view to expanding my horizons following an inadvertent incident with my mother. I’ll explain…

I had, on request by my mum, taken some of the movies I had done to the UK for her and my siblings to watch.( I sort of have this long drawn habit of not letting any one of my family members or friends into what I do in my everyday work. It’s probably to shield them from my everyday job, or just nervous that they might begin to see me in a different light than before.) Anyway this particular year, my mum insisted that I bring some of my movies along for Christmas and I obliged.

On Christmas day, stuffed to bursting point with food and drink, we staggered to the living room where I slotted in one of my movies and we all sat down to watch. As the movie progressed I noticed everyone was engrossed in the movie and apart from the occasional jibes from my brothers about my mannerisms- which my mum had scolded me about in my younger days- they seemed to enjoy it. And then the time came to change the disk. My mum looked at me nonplussed and asked if that was the end of the movie to which I hastily assured her that it was only the A disk of part one that had run out and I would put the B. Everyone relaxed as I smacked Iyke, the baby of the family, on the back of the head to go and change the disk.
We managed to get through the B part of disk one onto the part two disk A where the movie got to the romantic part. For some inexplicable reason in the moments just leading to the kiss between my character and his love interest, I found myself in the bathroom upstairs staring in the mirror and listening to the roaring guffaws of my brothers downstairs. “How is it possible?” I asked myself, “That a grown man like me cannot bear the thought of my mum watching me kiss a woman!”

My mother is a formidable woman of the gentlest variety. When colleagues at work took her messages for me, they always teased me about my ‘cradle snatched girlfriend’ and when I told them who it was they wouldn’t believe me because my mum does sound like a 16 year old girl. She is also a very quiet unassuming lady who minds her own business but fights like a tigress when her territory is threatened. I know so because I vividly remember my frustration when at age 17, she turned girls who came to ‘return’ notebooks back ever so rudely at the door, accusing them of trying to despoil her son.
I remember when in my final year in university, Ebele, my then girlfriend, came to visit me at home – I lived in the B/Q (Boys’ Quarters) for understandable reasons- and I went to the main house to get us lunch. My mum, with an averted gaze, while dishing the food said, “I know you’re no longer a virgin…” at which point she paused, the ladle of food hanging midway between pot and plate. “No I’m not mum” I replied trying to muster the driest tone I could that would brook no scolding. A sigh and then a very terse, “but I hope you know what you’re doing with that girl! You haven’t finished school yet” as she attacked the plate with an intensity that wasn’t there before.
Here I am, in the bathroom, many years after, still squirming at the thought of being caught “pants down” by momsie. What would happen if, when married, my wife and I spend a weekend at hers, christen the guest room every night and morning- hopefully be loud enough to distract her from her knitting or even perhaps, her gardening!- and we come down for a very late breakfast with a smug smile on my face., what then? Hmm, that’s a thought. Anyway, I digress…
When I went downstairs the kissing scene was over and, amidst my brothers’ teases and mum’s shy laughter, we settled down to watch the movie. Alas the disk came to an abrupt end at a dagger point to everyone’s consternation especially my mum’s. “Is there another disk we have to go through to get to the end?” she asked, exasperated. I assured them that B was the final disk they’d have to endure silently thanking God for not letting me bring movies with parts 1, 2 and 3. Granted, they enjoyed the movie, but I felt it would have been a lot more enjoyable if it wasn’t so frequently interrupted. At that moment, I made a resolve not to do movies that would irritate, exasperate or bore my mum or many like her. I decided to give people who watch my movies something they deserve – more bang for their buck.

With the decision to say “yes to quality” another story ensued but I’ll save that for another week. You see, at times I think we sell ourselves short too often and fail to see the lofty heights we can attain if we’d only believe in ourselves. If we say yes to ourselves, the whole world says yes with us. Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter holiday and looking forward to hooking up with you next week!


  1. Hmmm. Nice. Was wondering what this week would hold. A glimpse into your family and their reactions to your acting. Your mum sounds wonderful. I will definitely keep up with reading your blog entries. Cheers K.

  2. Hmmm, nice. I was wondering what we would get this week-a glimpse into your family and how they react to your acting and movies. Your mum sounds wonderful. And yes to quality? Lets see how you'll pull that off in our Nollywood. I will definitely keep up with your blog entries.

  3. Interesting post!Its good to know that an 'unspectacular' circumstance opens up your thoughts for 'quality'....
    As for the kisses...I don't know why I ever believed those were not real!!!!

  4. Interesting! Is Kalu new in the movie industry? Strangely, I 've never heard about him.
    He sounds like a good actor though.

  5. Well, l'd be shy about kissing in full view of her, if l was your mother's son. I appreciate her firmness and she does sound adorable. About our movies, l am happy someone inside the industry is standing up for quality. It is very important that we all realise that it begins with us as individuals. Lets all hold on to it so we can push it to the world out there. Way to go Kalu!!!

  6. lmho@ you being shy..then again I don't blame you, no child would be bold especially if you have a stern mother.

    meanwhile I think you should get on twitter if you aren't already, it's a good way to drop one or two random quotes...like "If we say yes to ourselves, the whole world says yes with us"

    Cheers..have a good week

  7. nice 1...yes to quality...that's a high but attainable standard, given the nolly that we have...wish u the very best as u embark on that "campaign"...

    love ur mum's reactions...she seems v.funny...

    I'm def subscribing to ur blog...where's ur feed? ok, found it!

  8. OMG.... tell me about it!, can feel your mom's reaction already. honestly its not a bad thing... all moms are always like that wit their kids one way or the other...
    .. and as for the kissing part... plz dont stop. I in particular love it when i see you in romantic movies.... makes me feel....so...so..(LOL)
    anyway.. u r a great man... and i also beliv that whenever u r ready to say yes.... the world will say yes wit wit u.. so KEEP IT UP. THE LORD IS YOU STRENGHT. say hi to ur mom n family.

  9. Good read....
    good actor...
    good writer....
    just stumbled on this.. looking forward to loads more....


  10. love your writing and your mum's a trip

  11. I love reading ur blog. You are actually a good writer for someone who just started.That post was funny I had a good laugh. I think u are a great actor too. May God bless ur endeavours. Plus u are a very handsome man. Goodluck!!!

  12. Mr.Suave,am actually the kind of person who haven't got the patience reading people's long,and sometimes boring blog,but you got me glued to the screen without even blinking! You most certainly are Da Bomb!!!Thumbs up to you!

  13. you write so well. never knew you are such a good writer. you act so well as well.

  14. hey yu... ur mom is a darling, even more so an angel for attacking the plate and not ur head...the gut to tell ur mom that! if i were an actor i wont sit and watch my films with my mom, will be better am under a thunderstorm than having her stare strangly at me the whole time till the end of my vacation.
    will the squirming stop? Nah! after ur mom, u'll be facing the kids, it never gets easy. but its good that an experience with her opened ur eyes to the quality of films being produced in Nollywood.
    anyway, lovely piece here. So, i'll say all the best and Gods endless blessings in ur quest.