Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Break.

My mum is so beautiful! No seriously, she is. It was dim last night when i hugged and kissed her so she was just my mum then. This morning when she was doing the dishes in the kitchen she was so slim and beautiful. I just had to hug and kiss her again and tell her how gorgeous she looked and she, typically blushed like a sixteen year old on her first date. Good week everybody, and it’s refreshingly cool here in London. Gone is the winter bite and now i can trek about freely with just a T-shirt and a light jacket. I love to walk and that’s one of the things i miss the most when i’m in Naija where walking on the street earns you pitying looks from passersby on your ‘fall’ from grace. It’s either that or you risk being knocked down by those pesky hornets called okadas(commercial motorcyclists) or danfos(commercial mini buses)or, if you look dishevelled enough, get arrested by the police for ‘wandering’.

Gone to the fridge and there’s nothing to eat. Everything there so healthy! Wholemeal bread, olive oil margarine,skimmed milk, egusi soup without palm oil. She might as well make omelettes without the yolk! Come to tink of it, knowing my mum and her iron will, she probably would, and soon. Freida! Let me tell you this now, if you go down that road i will cheat on you! I will rent a studio flat for my friends and I where we ‘ll proceed to cook up every heartstopping delicacy known to us for every healthy cardboard or sludge you make for us. Oh, and i’m still not talking to you. I know what i’ll do, mum’s going out so i’ll have an apple and a nice hot lemon tea in her presence and when she leaves, heh heh! I’ll go out and get the fattest, greasiest, stinkiest doner kebab at my favourite shop, come back and wash down the delicious nosh with a can of coke. Hang on, my bruv just came in. Ok i’m back now after another hour of chit chat, scolding and talking about healthy eating – yes, my mum was there as well. Result? It has been genrally agreed on that i will be the one to cook this evening and the dish of the evening shall be- drumroll, couscous with chicken breast fillets and flavoured with crushed almonds and raisins.

Okay i have to rush off to the US embassy then come back and trawl through the net to garner tips so i don’t lose my crown as the grandmaster chef among my baby brothers. Will let you know how it went within the next few days as a special treat especially as i’m on a holiday. Have a great few days everybody!

PS; Tips are very welcome but please give them soon as i have only until tomorrow evening to come up with my masterpiece. Remember, the topic is, how do you cook couscous – a very delicious one. Also remember my reputation is at stake here among my family.


  1. Hi K. Glad you were able to write a post even though you are on holiday. I look forward to the follow up. Unfortunately, I can't help you with the recipe you are asking for. Do take care of yourself.

    Ps-why aren't you talking to Frieda? Just curious.

  2. hehehhehehehhehehe!!!! I just love your writing........nothing else!
    why are you not talking to Freida? uhm?....I dont even know what couscous is, some Caribbean food? Upload a picture of your er.r.r masterpiece when it is all done..#Icough#

  3. lol...good luck with the healthing cooking and eating...couscous? I don't know what people see in that stuff...seriously!

    Pls talk to Frieda oh...I plead on her behalf.

    Enjoy your holidays Kalu...oh, and regards to your beautiful mum.

  4. If you love Asian, you can try the Korean Curry rice....Its delicious

  5. Couscous is like the simplest meal to make. Add a little salt and butter to water and bring to boil. Measure in your couscous, stir, and turn off the heat. Leave covered for some minutes, and voila!

    And yeah, we want a picture of the masterpiece.

  6. healthy eating sucks i know:) i tried brown rice the other day and NEVER AGAIN!!! I sha want to see a picture of this masterpiece PLSSSSSSS!

  7. Hi K, Finally taking a break, you deserve it. Late for the tips though. How lucky you are to have a mom like her. This was just so awesome. A great reminder to give those looks of adoration to those we love more often. Lovely post, you just cheered up my day!

  8. Hey Kalu! You are in my manor!
    You are welcome. As for cous cous I can't help you there I think the stuff is horrible and too small. Your mum sounds like my mum. She too does everything without palm oil. Even spaghetti is BROWN spaghetti. My dad is not allowed to have anything deemed unhealthy and when we went to Ghana we had to sneak out of the apartment to go and eat street food. IMAGINE!

  9. Hi K, this was just so beautiful especially to your mum. A great reminder to give those looks of adoration to those we love more often. Have a nice holiday, you deserve it.

  10. hmmmm,nice write up and you talking about T shirt and light jacket,that what am taking about...hope we get to see some pix...

  11. Just finished watching 'Love my Way'...First time I have seen you in a movie or anywhere for that matter (I know, shame on me!)and I just had to look you up... I thought you were Brill!! xoxo

    p.s I hate cous cous but hope it went well for you :)

  12. Just finished watching 'Love my Way'. I had never heard of you before... But being me I had to look you up... I thought you were fab!!

    p.s hope the couscous turned out alright..

    p.p.s Add me on twitter :)

  13. This is an ultimate 'chilling' post :D Hope you did something nice for your mom on mother's day. Err sorry, no cooking tips here, i suck at cooking X_x


  14. Hmmmm...your mom deserve all the blush..who wouldn't? with all the praise...nothing like mothers,they are wonderfully made..Mother is that's my Ibo name,(Nneka) good to know you are the type that dots on mom....rgds.

    mmmmm...more tips on this masterchef cooking,might interest some of us to know...may be cus i love knowing and learning. I also would want to impress.

    Weldone on your blog.