Sunday, April 17, 2011

Just voted! Yaaaay!

Phew! Just got back from the first segment of the voting process, accreditation. It was blissfully simple, quite unlike the shoving and unruly mayhem I envisaged. Everyone was orderly and the unruly thugs I half expected to turn up and disrupt things were nowhere to be found. Oh, and even better news. On my way back, I met one of the estate officials and asked her what was to become of the rubbish heap that was dredged up from the drainage ways and their disposal. To my delight she informed there were already plans for a tipper truck to come on Monday to cart them away. Humble pie has never tasted so good. My apologies to my wonderful estate and her officials; we have shown ourselves to be a breed apart from the norm!
I finally got to vote in the second segment of the voting process at about a quarter past one pm after spending just forty five minutes in the queue. I feel so chuffed (pleased with myself) being the first time I’ve ever voted in my life – don laff! The last time I tried to do so was when I was nineteen and was turned away on the basis that I looked underage (fifteen) despite my spirited protests. The fact that I didn’t have any id on me didn’t do much to help my case.
Anyway whichever way the votes swing, I will eternally be satisfied that I actually took an active role in making a statement regarding how I want my future in this country as its citizen even if it’s just in a little small way. I’m also proud of the way the elections were conducted on the grounds – free of harassment and peaceful, even heavily pregnant women were relaxed at the venue. Much kudos to the Nigerian government for a job well done – so far. Let’s wait and see. Have a great Sunday everyone!


  1. Glad to hear all was quiet! Nigerians are really impressing me during this election


  2. una plenty

    first time voters

    it was also sane where i voted

  3. Well done for voting!! I agree that it was all very peaceful. I am pleased with the conduct of Nigerians during this time. Save for some reports of underhand activties it all seemed to go well.

  4. Kalu, this is somehow cheating o. I am used to reading longer posts from you. How is Frieda?

  5. Hi K, my area was orderly too. I was done in an hour, I salute them. Ahhhh! Finally the rubbish will be carted away. So after the mandatory 4 posts, what next? Don´t abandon us again for too long. Love and peace.

  6. @HoneyDame, my words exactly when I checked this morning and saw the last two posts. K is cheating with these short posts. However, as a blogger myself (, I know how challenging it can be to come up with topics, make the time, or put up the right post (reflective of your state) so half bread is better than nothing. We will take what we get.
    @K, good for you that you went to vote. I couldn't, due to some problem I had with getting my card during the registration. Also keep up the good work of posting (longer posts please) and hail Frieda for us all.
    @The Corner Shop, I totally agree with you. I am very impressed with the way people (Nigerians) embraced the whole voting thingy, the process itself and also the peaceful way it was all carried out. Kudos to my people. I really am feeling hopeful for the future of our country.

  7. Hi K, yaah, I voted too and my area was peaceful, I salute them. Weldone for keeping your words though I expected you to write about your holiday. What happen next after
    this mandatory 4 days posting? Anway, half bread is better than none as Marge pointed out above.

  8. ...My fellow Nigerian!..well done for voting o..i'm inspired to vote next tuesday.
    God bless Nigeria...
    God bless the new Government!

  9. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh,been an awful time away from your blog forum..guessed have missed much..feels good to check on you again.
    Welldone on your write-ups as always,good you voted and blivd the vote counted..i did'nt vote like other naija's but my prayers counted. Ride on K..always.