Thursday, March 6, 2014


A good week, or should I say good year to everybody! It’s been such a long time and yes it’s been all my fault so please feel free to pelt me with all the rotten fruit within grasp – keyword being ‘within grasp’. It’s been so long, almost two years since I wrote my last post and it seems like it's taken twice as long to get back on track. I know the question on everyone’s lips, “What kept you away for so long?” I understand, even I am asking myself that question.

I have been going through a life changing experience over the past two years, change that took me completely by surprise, not by accident, but by my constant relegation of needful things to be addressed to the background of my mind. My relationship with Frieda is not what it used to be before, to our hurt. Alas this blog that hitherto used to be my therapeutic session where I could air my thoughts as personably as I could has become my albatross; my Achilles heel being my penchant for talking straight from the heart as I see it. How would I be able to write my posts without betraying to you all the anguish I, and Frieda, were going through, even more maddening when I was still trying to sort the conflicting emotions raging within me, differentiating between my ideals and the realities that presented themselves before me, pressuring me to make choices when I was at a quandary? I have habitually always kept my cards close to my chest, not letting anyone observe the way I prepare my soup until the final product is hopefully cooked to perfection. In other words I have kept you all at bay waiting till everything has been sorted out before opening the wide gates to my palace, to my anteroom lined with portraits chronically charting my arduous journey towards building this edifice. That was until I realized I stood the risk of losing the one channel, apart from my Lord God, through whom I have the luxury of expunging my fears and misgivings, celebrating my triumphs and achievements, however small – my blog and you my wonderful readers upon whom I liberate myself.

I have missed you greatly my dear folks. Being away from here has not been good for me at all. I have missed my ranting, my banter and your hilarious comments appreciating my work, good, bad and the grey areas. I’ve stayed away for so long I feel like I have forgotten to write, to pinpoint those beautiful little quirks we so often ignore in our pursuit of shelter, clothing and feeding; the things that make life worth living. Forgive my lack of literary form in writing this missive; I realized, after months of angst over what and how to write, that perfection lies not in the end product but in the courage and commitment it takes to stick through the process toward it. I care more about interacting and airing my views and experiences, within reason of course. In so doing I aim to make our relationship on this forum a little more interactive than before and I am excited so watch this space! I’ll giving out more details soon; this is a profuse apology for being away for so long. Have a great weekend everybody and very glad to be back!


  1. HEYYY!!!!!1 Happy new year to you too!!!
    So sad to read that about Frieda and you....I hope it works out well for you both.
    Yay to more interaction.
    It's really nice to read from you once again

  2. This write-up is definitely not for those without a Dictionary.
    And to those who don't understand these big grammar, just bear in mind that Life is ephemeral, don't spend it checking up big words. Byeeeeeeeee!

    Gap :)

  3. Life happens time after time... we are all on anjourney with stop signs at different intervals, but the good Lord sees the grand picture. You will be fine.
    A suggestion though, would you kindly keep it simple? am referring to the ambiguity of your words. We could be lost trying to figure out the context in which you are expressing yourself. I am a great fan and look forward to more write-ups from you. All the best in this new season

  4. lol @ Kaenobi, Yes I do agree with you on the 'ambiguity' issue. I promise I will unravel in the course of time but yes i will keep it simple from here on. Nice seeing you again HoneyDame. How are ya?

    1. I am great, taking a day at a time and trusting God, myself and the universe to help me remain sane and level headed in this world...loool.

  5. Hey! Good to have you back. Not to worry He will make all things beautiful for you at the fullness of time. What seems to have been lost is only a way for God to bring you His best. Stay cool.

  6. Yea! I agree to keeping it simple, you being such good writer, it gives room for easy flow. Nobody wants to be interrupted with bones while eating a good

  7. Yes Tracy, I've been roundly admonished. Thanks. Thanks also for your wise words; the seeds are being sown.

  8. thank you Kalu for your polite response.... like Tracy said "He makes all things beautiful for you at the fullness of time". Do have a blessed and favoured week....pls keep the write-ups coming. I look forward to more

  9. Well, I'm glad you're back.

    Remember, ALL is well, no matter what happens.


  10. Welcome back! ...Looking forward to "great read" :)